• What is mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment, of what is happening in mind and body. When we are mindful, our attention is with the present moment experience in a wholehearted and receptive manner. Our attention is not entangled in the past or future, and we are not judging or rejecting what is occurring in the moment. We are present. This generates energy, clear-mind and joy. Mindfulness is a skill that can be cultivated by everyone.

    Mindfulness is:
    · Active observation of mental processes
    · Knowing what happens in body and mind
    · About here & now – not dwelling on the past or future

    With cultivating Mindfulness, we develop step by step:
    · A non-judgemental attitude
    · Non-reactivity to what is happening in your life and how you feel
    · Strength to accept limitation
    · Inner strength and resources
    · True happiness which is not dependent on outside stimulus

  • Mindfulness Training

    We all experience challenges and adventures in our daily lives. In the mindfulness training, you will learn how to use your inner resources and abilities to respond more effectively to mental and physical stress and pain. By observing mental and physical experiences in a non-judgmental way, you can start to relate differently towards events in our life. You will discover that there are more options than your usual automatic response. The focus of this training is in mindfulness meditation and its integration into the challenges and adventures of your everyday life, in order to bring well-being and happiness into your life.

    Mindfulness training can develop patience, compassion, self-confidence and self-esteem both with yourself and others. Mindfulness training is also an effective tool for reducing stress and avoiding burnout. You will learn to worry less about things that cause stress. It also prevents you from getting stuck in negative thoughts about the past or fear of the future. Mindfulness can give you a pause from stressful thoughts, and a pause that puts your thoughts into a different perspective. Besides, mindfulness can help you to deal with chronic pain, depression, obsessive thinking and reacting with a strong emotional personality.

    Mindfulness training includes:
    · Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
    · Gentle stretching and mindful yoga
    · Inquiry exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
    · Group dialogue
    · Informal daily mindful activities

    The course is challenging and life-affirming. There will be a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment that allows participants to seek, explore, and inquire.

    Mindfulness can bring you:
    · Happiness, independent from outside stimuli
    · Less reactivity towards pleasant and unpleasant daily events
    · Improved physical and mental health
    · Less stress
    · More empathy and kindness
    · Acceptance of your limitations
    · Improved focus and concentration
    · Energy

  • Insight Meditation

    Insight meditation is an awareness meditation coming from the Buddhist meditation tradition. It teaches you to be with the present moment, to live in the present moment. It teaches to be aware of everything that comes to you and is happening to you. By being aware of the various things that come to you, you will bring awareness to a high level so that you will be able to see things as they truly are. You will come to see the true nature of mind and body, of the mental and physical phenomena of which you are composed.

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  • Mindfulness

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